For many people, Bucharest is not only the capital of Romania, but also the perfect “love or hate” city. The early days of the city are still very uncertain – some historians say that it was founded by a shepherd called Bucur, others say that it used to be a hideout for fish thieves… Anyway, Bucharest became capital of the country in the 16ht century, under the ruling of the famous Vlad the Impaler, also known as Dracula. From this era one can still see the ruins of the old citadel.
Nowadays, Bucharest is a vibrant, modern city that offers a fantastic variety of cultural sites, historic buildings and places to party. Either if you want to go on the trails of the Romanian communism and discover the world’s second largest building, or to find out more about the Romanian revolution from 1989, Bucharest is your place to be… After dark, just go to “the old center” and prepare yourself for an all night, unforgettable experience, in one of Bucharest’s spicy nightclubs.
Whatever you’re searching for, Bucharest’s got it!