Hundreds of years ago, a group of fearsome warriors came from the West in search for “the blessed land”, where they wanted to settle down. After crossing numerous rivers and riding through dense forests, they eventually reached the mountains. Everything was covered by forest, bears and wolves living right next to small human settlements; it seemed like there was no place for a new land. All of a sudden, after climbing on a small hill, the leader of the warriors, the famous Hermann, saw a plateau and he yelled: this is the place where I will build my city! This is the place where Hermannstadt is going to flourish!

Over 800 years after that, Sibiu (Hermannstadt is still the German name of the city) is one of Romania’s most beautiful cities, the 2007 European Capital of Culture and a vibrant economic center. Just take a walk through the old marketplaces, visit the imposing palaces and get to know Samuel von Bruckenthal, probably the city’s most famous son and spoil yourself with local specialties (as Sibiu is Romania’s only recognized “European Gastronomic Region”).