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Travel is fatal – to prejudice…
Mark Twain probably never thought about Romania or any other Eastern European country when he said that Travel is fatal only to prejudice bigotry and narrow-mindedness. But in the past 10 years we have discovered that it could be fairly used as Romania’s brand and logo…

When we decided to found City Tours & Events, we were just two young (sometimes foolish) travel guides, who didn’t really know what they were getting into. We already had a couple of years of guiding groups from all over the world through Romania, when we decided to try it on our own. It has almost been 10 years since then and the challenges, but also the satisfaction has risen each year.
We like to think of ourselves as a different kind of tour operator: we prefer to leave the touristic, beaten tracks and visit local communities to discover their traditions, cultural heritage and especially their fantastic homemade gastronomy. We think that this is a win-win situation, in which travellers get the chance to live real authentic experiences and the locals earn good money through this sustainable experience.
A couple of years ago, we have started to do out-going and MICE as well, having already hundreds of happy guests who have traveled all over the world. Honeymoons are our great specialty.
So if you are searching for a nice hike through the Carpathian Mountains or a city break in one of the cool Romanian cities, check out our website and give us a call. We’ll be happy to assist you.
Cheers from Romania,
Andra & Traian


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