A Day in Budapest

Being situated very close to the Hungarian border, one of Timişoara’s best parts is the fact that you can reach Budapest in just a couple of hours. This makes the Hungarian capital one of the ideal travel destinations.

Today we will depart from Timişoara in the morning and  reach Budapest after just two hours. The Hungarian capital is one of Europe’s best kept secrets, a stunning historic city with an impressive mix of architectural styles and incredible cultural sites. We will hop on to an amphibian touristic bus, which is going to take us on a city tour and, most interesting, through the Danube. In the afternoon, our guide is going to show us some of Budapest’s most famous places and walk us all the way up to the superb Gothic “Mathias Cathedral” and “the Fishermen’s Tower”.

We will also get the chance to discover the city’s biggest mysteries (such as the anti communist movement from 1956, that was brutally ended by the Soviet Army) and be spoiled with some great Hungarian dishes. In the evening we will return to Timişoara.