All Day Tour

This tour is dedicated to all of you, who don’t wish to rush the fantastic experience Brasov has to offer. We will start the tour in Schei neighborhood, the oldest part of Brasov and find out why Slavic, Romanian and Bulgarian populations decided to colonize this specific part of Transylvania. We will then visit Transylvania’s oldest Romanian school, who some say, was built over 800 years ago, as well as the interesting St. Nicholas Orthodox Church.
From here, we will walk to the old, German city center and discover the Teutonic German Knights, who were colonized in Transylvania to protect it from invading Mongol armies, but then left much sooner than planned. Their place was taken by Saxon warriors, who have marked the country’s evolution until today. Their biggest achievement was the erecting of the Hl. Marry Dom, which was named the Black Church after the city was burned down in the 17th century.
Brasov is also famous as the Transylvanian Reformation city. We will find out more about the Transylvanian school system (the oldest public, free and compulsory one in the world) and we will meet Johannes Honterus, the great Saxon reformer.
At noon, we can enjoy some delicious, homemade Transylvanian specialties and then prepare for a hike. We will visit the White and Black Tower. Legend has it that the Austrian army set fire to the city from these towers… We will then cross to the other part of the city and take a hike to the old, medieval promenade of Brasov, called Tampa. We will hike to the highest point of the city and have a fantastic panorama over the whole area. If there’s anything else you would like to visit in Brasov, we will be happy to include it into our program.