Basic Tour

Situated at the feet of the Carpathian Mountains, Brasov is probably Romania’s most picturesque city and as the locals like to call it, the touristic capital of the country. Its history goes back almost 1000 years, when Romanian and Slavic colonists settled down and founded their own small city, called nowadays Schei, profiting from the perfect strategic location. A couple of centuries later, German colonists came both from the holy land, as well as from Western Europe and settled down here, to found the medieval city of Brasov. During the centuries, thanks to the excellent strategic location, as well as the wealthy businessmen and craftsmen, the city became one of the richest in Europe. All of this ended with the conquest of Transylvania through the Austrian Empire, as Brasov was partly burned down in 1689.
We invite you to take a ride into history, to discover the fantastic Transylvanian civilization, as well as the impressive buildings, such as The Black Church (the largest medieval church in Eastern Europe and hosting the world’s biggest oriental carpet collection), the former city hall and the first Romanian school in Transylvania. We will also take a walk to the former medieval towers which once defended the city and also find out more about Johannes Honterus, THE Transylvanian Martin Luther….