Basic Tour

Probably one of the most important years in the history of Sibiu, was 2007, when, together with its “elder brother” Luxembourg, it became European Capital of Culture. It was a moment in which all of Europe acknowledged the indisputable richness of cultural and historical heritage Transylvania, and in particular, Sibiu has. Preparing for the great event, the municipality has invested important amounts of money in the rehabilitation of the historical buildings, the main squares and in keeping the city at a high level of cleanness and friendliness for all visitors.

Today, a couple of years after this big moment, Sibiu is still one of the top Romanian destinations. We invite you to take a walking tour on the pedestrian area and visit the old Austrian army and administrative houses, to be impressed by the strong fortification walls and defensive towers which once made Sibiu the only Eastern and Central European city that was never conquered by the Turkish Empire.

Enjoy the unique view the three main squares have to offer, but also discover the mysteries and legends behind the baroque and renaissance palaces. At the end of the tour, we invite you to just sit back on a terrace on the “little square” and enjoy the calm atmosphere of the city, with a fine glass of Transylvanian wine.