Bears and Carpathians…

1. Brasov – Magura
Just a couple of dozens of kilometers from Brasov, the Carpathian Mountains still host some of Europe’s wildest and most picturesque villages. One of them is Magura, the best place to start exploring the Piatra Craiului Mountains and find out more about the bears and wolves living in these mountains. Accommodation and dinner at a local pension.

2. Magura – Zarnesti – Magura
In the morning we will depart for Zarnesti, a small city just a couple of kilometers from Magura, where one of Romania’s most spectacular and beautiful wildlife projects can be visited. “The Liberty Parc” is home to over 100 bears and a dozen of wolves, which were saved from illegal zoos, poachers or circuses, and brought here. They live in very similar conditions to the ones in the wild and have over 100 hectares of playing ground. We will visit them in the morning, when they feed.
In the afternoon, we will return to our pension and the owners will take us on a hike in the surroundings and tell us more about the life and the habits of the bears, as well as show us some bear tracks. In the evening, we will drive deep into the woods and from a bear observatory, we will get the chance to see these majestic kings of the Carpathians.

3. Magura – Posada – Busteni – Brasov
The Carpathians have always been very popular destinations for hunters from all over Europe. It is well known that many kings and rulers have marched through these forests in the search for the perfect trophies. One of the most passionate hunters was the dictator Nicolae Ceausecu, who also opened a museum to present the biggest trophies that were shot in these mountains. We will visit it as well.
We will then travel to Busteni and go with a cable car up to over 2000 meters, where we’ll have a spectacular hike to some very interesting formations called “Babele si Sfinxul/the old women and the sfinx”. It is also one of the favorite places for bears in winter.
In the afternoon we will drive back to Busteni and drive to Predeal, the highest city in Romania, and go to a restaurant, where different varieties of game (such as wild boar, deer or even bear) can be served. Sit down and enjoy these mouthwatering products, as well as a splendid panorama over the whole are.
In the evening, we will arrive in Brasov.