Europe’s Largest GEOPARK and Romania’s best Wine Region

Have you ever dreamed of travelling to the moon and to Tuscany, both in one day? Well, we can’t make that really happen but with this excursion you won’t be far from it either. Even more, you’ll get the chance to discover some of nature’s wonders and to be spoiled with local products and premium Romanian wines.

Departing from Bucharest in the morning, you will be driven to the Buzău region. Although it isn’t very famous yet, this part of Romania is probably going to become one of the country’s main tourist destinations, once the 250.000 acres UNESCO GEOPARK is going to be completed. One of this place’s main attractions are “the muddy volcanoes”. These unique geological formations are the results of natural phenomena which pump gas and mud from over 3000 meters deep, forming volcano like formations.

The second part of the day is dedicated to the Dealu Mare region. It is one of the most famous wine-growing districts in Romania, with exclusive small wineries, great local food and premium red and white wines. We will get the chance to visit together one of Dealu Mare s fine vineyards, find out more about the over 2000 years of wine history of the region, and of course, taste some of the richly flavoured products. In the evening we will return to Bucharest.