Gourmet weekend

1. Brasov – Baicoi
We will depart Brasov in the afternoon and drive Southern to reach The Prahova Valley, one of Romania’s most famous wine regions. We will reach the small city of Baicoi and check-in to our fantastic accommodation: a 19th century manor, in the middle of a wine yard. Reinterpreted Romanian traditional cuisine and some fantastic wines will take care of an exciting evening atmosphere.

2. Dealu Mare – Muddy Vulcanoes – Lacerta – Baicoi
After breakfast, we will depart from Baicoi and travel to Buzau County. Here, one of the country’s most spectacular natural sceneries can be found: the muddy volcanoes. These are some rare and surprizing phenomenon’s, where gas accumulation erupt every now and then and form small, volcanoes-looking formations. Both the volcanoes, as well as the surroundings are breath-taking…
We will then travel to the famous Dealu Mare wine region, also known as the Romanian Tuscany… In Lacerta, we will visit a spectacular wine yard, be introduced to the local grapes and wine sorts, learn more about the way people harvest and make wine, and of course, taste the excellent Dealu Mare wines.
In the evening, we will return to our accommodation.

3. Baicoi – Sinaia – Cantacuzino – Brasov
Today we will depart from the Prahova Region and drive back to Transylvania. On our way, we will visit Sinaia, a small city, which in the 19th century used to be Romania’s posh destination, as many hotels and casinos were built here; even the famous Orient Express stopped here for a couple of hours. King Carl the First erected a superb palace, called Peles as his family’s summer residence, bringing German, Czech and Swiss architects to instore the Western European style. Nowadays it is a superb museum, which is worth a visit.
At noon we will depart for Busteni, where another architectural jewel was restored a couple of years ago: the Palace of the Cantacuzino family. Also dating from the 19th century, it is a superb symbol of the Romanian traditional building style and was turned both into a museum, as well as a fine-dine restaurant…
In the evening, we will reach Brasov.