Prince Charles’ Transylvania…

Probably one of Transylvania’s biggest fans is HRH Prince Charles of Wales, a proud descendant of an old Transylvanian family. For over 30 years, he has invested a lot of energy and money into saving the authentic Transylvanian landscapes, the local products and century old culture and traditions. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable journey into the royal, majestic Transylvania.

We will depart from Brasov in the afternoon and head towards Valea Zalanului, a small village in the Hungarian inhabited Eastern Transylvania. It is a place of rare beauty, where time seems to really have stood still. HRH Prince Charles’s relative and friend, Graf Tibor Kalnoky, after many years of fighting through the Romanian courts, has managed to win back some of his family’s belongings, which were abusively confiscated by the communist state after WW2. We will get the chance to sleep for the next two nights into a superb restored manor or one of the cozy, small huts. Dinner with local, homemade specialties will be also served on site.

After breakfast, we will visit the village and enjoy a very pleasant morning, together with our hosts. They will tell us more about the history of these places, as well as the show us the surroundings. You shouldn’t miss out a horse cart ride or a visit to the local craftsmen.
In the afternoon, we will drive to Romania’s only volcanic lake, Lake Sf. Ana. We will get the chance to make an off-road trip around the lake, but also go for a swim. In the evening we will return to our accommodation for a delicious dinner.

In the morning we will depart from our lovely accommodation and drive to Viscri. It is one of the most beautiful villages in Transylvania, where “Mihai Eminescu Trust”, the foundation under the patronage of HRH Prince Charles, has its headquarter. Because of its unique preserved scenery, as well as the foundation’s involvement, the whole village ensemble is under UNESCO protection. We will visit the fortified church, as well as wander on the small medieval streets and get the chance to learn more about the trust’s doings.
At noon, we will depart for Crit, a small village, not very far from Viscri, where a local farmer will invite us to a goat-cheese tasting, alongside with other local products.
From here, we will travel to Sighisoara, where the small, medieval city offers one of the country’s most spectacular medieval views. It is also on the UNESCO list of world heritage, with a fantastic medieval “Burg”, an almost untouched fortification system and many 500 year old houses. It doesn’t get more Transylvanian then this…
In the evening we will return to Brasov.