The Romanian Centenary Tour

2018 marks the 100th birthday of modern Romania, a perfect occasion to visit some of the Romanian landmarks in the Transylvanian history.

We will depart from Cluj in the morning and drive to the small village of Rameti, where one of the oldest monasteries in Romania can be found. It was most probably founded in the 13th century and has seen most of the important dates in the Transylvanian history. The old frescoes, the church museum, as well as the natural scenery are worth a visit.
From here, we will depart to Blaj, a lovely city, situated on the Mures Valley, in a picturesque wine region. Although its ethnic composition has always been very colorful, it became the center of the Romanian emancipation movement in the 18th and 19th century. We will visit the Greek-Catholic cathedral and find out more about the great gatherings from 1848 and 1868 and about the important people who lived here.
After lunch, we will reach Alba Iulia and visit the old Habsburg citadel (very nicely restored in the past years), with Roman and medieval ruins, as well as the two cathedrals: the 1000-year-old St. Michael Catholic dome and the Orthodox “Unification Cathedral”, which was specially built after World War One, to celebrate the crowning of King Ferdinand and Queen Marry. After this, we will visit the local history museum and find out more about important landmarks in the Romanian history, such as the campaigns of Michael the Brave or the Uprising of Horia, Closca and Crisan…
In the evening, we will return to Cluj.