The Carpathian Castles

This journey is going to take you to some of Romania’s most famous places, such as the summer residence of the royal family in Sinaia, the superb medieval city Braşov and Bran castle, which has gone into the fantasy literature as the residence of the blood sucking vampire Dracula…

Departing from Bucharest in the morning, you will drive past the oil fields of Ploieşti and reach the Carpathian Mountains. After just over one hour driving, you will reach the small city of Sinaia, which has rapidly grown in the 19th century, after the Romanian royal family decided to build a summer residence here. Nowadays their palace is open for tourists and is really worth a visit.

Departing from Sinaia, you will cross the mountains and reach the beautiful city of Braşov. Built by German colonists in the 13th century, it became one of Europe’s richest cities, due to the extended and diverse trades and other economic activities. You can take a walking tour through the city centre and visit the Black Church, one of Europe’s largest Gothic buildings, the old town square, with its guild houses and old shops and take a hike to the Tâmpa Peak, for a great panorama of the whole city.

In the afternoon, you will drive to Bran. This famous castle was built by the Teutonic Knights as a border to the neighbouring country and very valuable for both economical and military reasons. Because of its position and architecture, it received an important role in Bram Stocker’s best-seller “Dracula”, as the residence of the great vampire. How much of that is true and how much is a legend, you can only find out if you visit the castle. In the evening you will return to Bucharest.