The Danube Delta

This tour will take you to one of Europe’s biggest natural paradises, the Danube Delta. Almost 3500 square kilometres of water and wet land labyrinths, hundreds of species of animals, insects, birds and fish, welcoming people and great food – do you need anything else?

After lunch you will depart from Bucharest and drive to the small village of Murighiol. Here we will leave our bus behind and drive for about 30 minutes with a small boat to the Uzlina. This small settlement is situated on a tiny island that very seldom gets flooded and where our small family run inn is going to accommodate us for the next couple of nights. Dinner with fish specialities, of course.

After breakfast, we will begin today’s journey and drive with our small boat through the “river part of the delta”.  We float on small natural channels and lakes in search of cormorants, egrets, sea eagles and, the crown jewels: the pelicans. At noon, we will reach a small fisherman’s settlement, which is being inhabited only during summer, when a couple of men live here throughout the months and fish. In the evening we will return to our hotel and those who want, can try their luck and fish dinner. But don’t worry, our kitchen some delicious dishes already prepared for you.

Today our boat will take us to one of the most isolated parts of the delta: Letea village. This place is very close to the Black Sea and is probably Romania’s youngest territory. Here we will step out of our boat and a horse wagon will take us into the Letea forest. The scenery is one of a kind: small pine trees among century old oaks, grown on fine sand, showing that the sea can’t be far away. If we get lucky, we will get the chance to see some of the wild horses who inhabit this forest… At noon, we will visit a local traditional household and enjoy a delicious picnic. In the late afternoon we will return to the car and drive back to Bucharest.