The Revolution of 1989

Being Romania’s most largest western city, it has always been very much influenced by Western Europe. Even after the Second World War, when Romania fell under the dark iron courtain, Timişoara was very much influenced by Yugoslavia and Tito’s more liberal regime.

Many Romanian dissidents managed to flee in the southern direction over the Danube (and many more were caught or died trying to do so) and almost each household in Timişoara and in the western part of the country listened to Western European radio stations such as Radio Free Europe or Radio Voice of America, which were banned in Romania. This is also probably one of the reasons why the anti communist revolution began in Timişoara.

We are going to begin from the starting point of the movement (next to one of the city’s reformed churches), all the way to the Opera’s Place, the place where the most important events took place. On our way, we will visit some of the many places where the army and secret services shot fatal rounds in the direction of the masses and find out more about the communist regime in Romania and its end. Our tour will finish with the visit of the Museum of the Revolution.